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Fuki Sushi Japanese Restaurant in River Edge is well-known for our creative & delicious selection of Sushi.

We have worked hard over the past ten years to earn a trusted reputation in the community. By using only the freshest foods and ingredients, our chefs strive to create meals that exude perfection and years of Japanese tradition.

Every aspect of our restaurant has been fine-tuned to provide each customer with superior service, excellent food and a relaxing environment. Please visit Fuki Sushi at 828 Kinderkamack Road
in River Edge, NJ
and let us treat you to a dining experience you won’t forget.



Japanese Sushi As A Boon To Great Health (part 1)

Sushi, A Gift from The Japanese

Prior to examining the true health attributes of sushi, it makes good sense to get a bit of historical context on the topic. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that Japanese people enjoy the second lengthiest lifespan of any other nation, with men able to expect an average of 82 years, and women typically living to the age of 87.2 years. These figures represent a significant upward departure from average lifespans in the rest of the world, which fall at 68.5 years for men, 73.5 year for women. Japanese folks tend to have roughly five more years of life on an average basis than their American cohorts. Those in Japan are noted for having among the very lowest incidences of cardiovascular disease worldwide and one of the lowest incidences of obesity. The question is whether these statistics are the result of genetic luck or whether the composition of a typical Japanese diet plays a much more pivotal role.
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Sushi Rice Guide To Make, and Enjoy It

sushi rice

Sushi rice varieties.

Sushi Rice Recipe

It may seem quite daunting and complicated to make sushi rice, but you will learn that it is not that much different from making other rice. The only differences are rice vinegar and a few Japanese techniques.

I have made the process simpler by breaking it down into five steps.
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At Japanese Sushi Restaurant, How To Enjoy Your Time

Japanese Sushi Restaurant

photo collage of sushi set

Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Food is something that we all enjoy. Whether it is cooking, eating, or enjoying the time spent with others over a special dish, food can bring us all together. One amazing way to enjoy food, friends and family is by visiting a Japanese sushi restaurant. When you have made the decision to enjoy authentic dishes from Japan, read on to learn more about making the most of your time at sushi restaurants.
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Octopus Sushi Nutrition Facts

octopus sushi

The Nutrition of Octopus Sushi

Octopus is a cephalopod mollusk that is sometimes referred to as the Sea Cat in areas such as the West Indies. Overall, there are about 300 different variations of this oceanic cephalopod and it is well known for a delicious and tender texture and the tremendous nutritional value. Octopus sushi is a great source of roughly 12 different minerals and vitamins, which means that in one 3 ounce serving, you are getting more than 10% of your daily value of the essential nutrients that you need to get each day. This is a lean protein source that is low in fat and contains just as much protein as a 3 ounce serving of chicken.
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A Simple Guide To Eating Japanese Food

Welcome to delightful Japanese Food

If you are anything like me, you are always seeking culinary sensations. Japanese food is a delicious and interesting cuisine that will delight any palate. Here is a guide that will help you navigate this delightful world.
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Beginner Sushi Tips

Sushi challenges people like not many other foods do. If you are new to sushi yourself, then look on the Internet for a sushi restaurant near where you work or live, then use the following advice and knowledge to order this Japanese cuisine staple with a confident smile.
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Information About Nigiri Sushi

2_1_nigiri sushi 2

About Nigiri Sushi

Japanese cuisine is based on centuries of traditional cooking methods. In modern times, people enjoy numerous Japanese food dishes throughout the entire world. One dish that is very popular throughout the world is sushi. Nigiri[nee-jee-ree] sushi is particularly popular, and this article provides some information about it.
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The Serious Benefits Of Eating Salmon Sushi

Top Reasons To Eat Salmon Sushi

Salmon is one of the most commonly found ingredients in sushi. It not only has a unique flavor but also boasts a number of benefits for your health. Fish of any kind, but especially salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids that can help improve your vision, heart health, and even mental state.
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Sushi: A Great Option For a Low Calorie Diet


assorted sushi nigiri on slate

If you are looking to stay within a certain calorie intake but at the same time are done with consuming bland, boring and all around satisfying foods then sushi is just what you need. Low calorie processed food tends to lack flavor and are not satisfying but, when it comes to low calorie sushi. Sushi lovers have gone as far as stating that low calorie sushi is just as if not even more tasty than the high calorie choices.
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Top Reasons To Eat Sushi (Other Than Because It Tastes Great)

Top Reasons To Eat Sushi

Sushi is one food that has many positives. It is great tasting, very quick to eat and prepare, very easy to find in Japanese culture, and as it is simply raw fish, it is perfect for those who cannot cook very well.
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Kind Words

  • No place like it. Everything is delicious. I’ve had sushi all over the country and in Japan (albeit in the airport in Tokyo), but this is the best there is. You won’t find a carousel of sushi here. You’ll get what you pay for, the freshest highest quality fish. The owner, Yong, really takes pride in what he does and he’s a traditionalist.  He takes care in every cut and slice, he’s creative with new rolls that are always incredible. Staff is always friendly and attentive.  This place is the “cheers” of sushi restaurants, everybody knows your name.  This place is the reason I fell in love with sushi and I could eat here every day of the week!

    Lance V. Hackensack, NJ
  • I love fuki sushi:) trust me, im Japanese and their sushi is Japanese style. Their sushi is little bit expensive compare to others but they always use fresh never frozen fish.
    This place is small but its so nice and cozy. I had some sushi, oyabun roll, spicy crunch, and salmon yaki. I highly recommend this place!
    Also this place is BYOB!

    Victoria B. Oakland Gardens, NY
  • My favorite place in bergen county to go for some amazing sushi! Started with spicy sashimi salad as an appetizer which had a rich spicy taste and even with the seasoning the taste and texture of each sashimi was fully absorbed. Next, we got the chicken teriyaki bento box and i have to say the teriyaki sauce had so much flavor that I wanted just the sauce to take home. The California roll that came in my bento box also was full of more filling than rice that we would have just ordered a bunch of california rolls on their own. Even the miso soup that came with my chicken bento box was full of flavor and not watered down like other miso soups that you normally taste at other places. Now the highlight at our table was the Oyabun roll recommended to us by the server. Now i know i talked alot about flavor but the oyabun roll was a flavor explosion in your mouth. I was not sure if it was even possible to have that many flavors and taste the texture of the roll fillings, but it was done and it was tastefully (pun intended) done. While it is a bit on the pricier side than your typical sushi place it is well worth the money because you will not only go home full but your tastebuds will also go home with a smile. Anyone and everyone who is in town are missing out if you havent gone to fuki sushi.

    Christina L. Fort Lee, NJ
  • Fuki Sushi exceeded my expectations. The outside of the restaurant had me thinking it wouldn’t be the best dining experience, but the interior is actually very cute. The food was amazing. We ordered edamame which was probably the best I’ve ever had. Then I ordered the Duke roll, which was great. Definitely recommend this place!E.

    Xanthi T. Saddle River, NJ